Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Swing

I was lucky enough to catch this photo of the world's prettiest seven-year-old. She rushed out to this swing after turkey dinner and I'm so glad I had my camera.

Turkey Bowl '08

One of the reasons I like shooting this so much is the fact that besides the rough play and ample opportunity for great action, there are no helmets to hide the expressions of the players. It's not too often that you can catch a meaningful expression behind helmets during a "real" game. It's gotten worse lately since players have added that plastic shield over their eyes.

This is John Falls gaining yardage while losing his shorts to Chris Quintana.

Turkey Bowl '08

Every year, some guys I know get together and toss around a pigskin the morning of Thanksgiving. It's common, lots of people do it. I like playing football but I always feel that the photos I get are much better than any contribution I can make on the field. This is one of those times.


One of my children won this free trip to the Salomon Center for a night of pizza and bowling. This is one of our friends riding a cheep 25 cent carousel. Woo Hoo!