Friday, October 31, 2008

Laguna VI

Once again, this image is probably quite common on the streets of Laguna but I liked the colors and the composition of this photo.

Laguna III

Here are some kids on a shiny park bench after have been beaten up by the high tide. We headed to our favorite So. Cal eatery, Ruby's Diner, for some shakes, fries and turkey burgers.

Laguna II

This is another photo from Laguna Beach. This pack of cyclists locked up traffic on the PCH for a couple miles.

Laguna I

Following the marathon, we zipped on down to one of our favorite spots, Laguna Beach. I'm sure to those who live here, a guy riding his skateboard to the beach with his surfboard in hand is a common site. I thought it was unique.

St. George Marathon

This is the finish line of the St. George Marathon. My wife admittedly has trouble getting the action shots at the finish line of races. I appreciated the motion blur in this one since it LOOKS like I'm going real fast.

Snow v. Hurricane II

Here is another photo from the Snow v. Hurricane game and this guy in the green was amazing. His name is Adam Timo and he plays quarterback, running back, punter and kicker. If he could throw the ball high enough, I'm sure he could play QB and receiver on the same play. Trouble is, he had a bull's eye on his back the whole game and Hurricane defeated Snow despite this one man wonder.

Snow v. Hurricane

I went down for the St. George Marathon and to prepare, I decided to eat some pasta, drink lots of water, stretch my legs and shoot a football game. A natural choice. The last time I tried this technique prior to a marathon, I slept in and missed the first five miles of the race. (which I went back and made up at the end) But this time, I left the game early, got enough sleep and made it to the bus with time to spare.

Anthony the Traceur - October 1

So I was introduced to a guy who identifies himself as a Traceur. My wife posted an entry on her blog about this very thing. A traceur is a title for someone who actively participates in Parkour, (and I mean ACTIVELY) which is a sport of urban running, climbing and flipping. This Anthony the Traceur made some very nice pictures for me. Here is a link to watch this art form in action.

Halloween Early

This is an RN at McKay Dee who's job it is to train other nurses. She dresses like this to make the training classes more memorable. This was shot Sept 30 but since it's Halloween today, and I'm a month behind, what the heck.

Another Wedding Photo

Here is a second photo from that wedding.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cake Eaters

One of my favorite events at weddings is the whole, cut-the-cake-and-shove-it-in-each-other's-face photo. I know what they say, "that's how you will treat each other through the whole marriage." Whatever. My wife and I were very respectful during this ritual at our wedding. Some couples are like that, and some have a full on cake wrestling match. The messier they are the better the photos.

On a side note, I LOVED the design of this wedding cake. Very fresh and original. Nice choice.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Stein Erickson - Take III

Here is a quick experiment using Lex and flowing water as a subject. This was commissioned by Stevo who wanted to see the water blur.

The topic, shutter speed.

If you know any of the basics of photography, you will understand how a camera shutter works. The photo on the right was shot at 1/15th of a second at f/22. The one on the right was 1/4000th of a second at f/2.8.

Stein Erickson - Take II

More swimming from a safer, less watery position.

Stein Erickson - Take I

We spent some time with some friends at the Stein Erickson Lodge in Park City. Luckily, it was beautiful weather and great for swimming, which seemed like all we did.

Field Trip to the Farm

I took a field trip today with my daughter to a place in Logan called the American West Heritage Center, also known as the Jensen Farm. It's a living farm where they use mostly all the same type of equipment and techniques they did back around the year 1916. It was a bit of a wake up call thinking about how many things we take advantage of these days.

Before refrigerators, they used to cut ice out of a pond in the winter and store it deep in the ground in the summer to keep it from melting. Every week, like the milk man would do, an ice wagon would drive around and deliver chunks of ice you could use in the ice box. What a huge difference 100 years makes.

Of course, my favorite photo of this event wasn't anything from the farm but the ride up. There were several classes on the trip and this is one of the teachers, Mrs. Benson

Elementary School

I don't remember much about my days as an elementary school student but I do remember that we always had the flag displayed for the Pledge of Allegiance. Well apparently, this classroom hasn't yet installed a flag pole/bracket. I thought it made an unusual photo.

Grandma's Toys

My wife has really missed seeing an occasional post of one of the kids on this blog the last few weeks. This is an image that made me proud since one of the little guys seems to be into using a hammer. Maybe if I train him well, he can do the house repairs instead of me.

Logan Mascot

Logan mascot getting knuckles from a fan. This guy (grizzly bear) was voted Mascot of the Year this year. Nice work Grizz.

Logan Football

Finally another post. This is from the first football I've covered this year. It's Logan vs. Highland, Id.