Thursday, February 28, 2008

Forecast - 80 Degrees and Sunny

Staying with some friends and this is a shot of a portion of their house. Oh.. and there's no black and discusting snow on the ground.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Early Morning Fire

I was able to shoot today's installment early in the morning which takes the pressure off a little. I was heading home from Salt Lake close to 1 am. and this Trooper sped past. As I exited onto Highway 89 I saw what I thought was a flame on I-15 ahead of me. It was too late to re-enter I-15 but I quickly turned onto the overpass which happened to be a perfect vantage point to watch as firefighters arrived and doused the flames. It was pretty exciting to watch as the tires blew up, something in the back made a pretty loud explosive noise. I hope they are insured. -BN

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Portraits of Some Ogdenites

Portraits of some folks who live in Ogden. Some I know, Some I don't. I did learn that the gentleman on the left used to work at the Union Station in Ogden and became friends with the guy in charge of painting the "wood grain" on the beams at the historic station. Because of his friendship with this painter, he now has his name forever visible on the beams high in the lobby. -BN

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Night Lights

I procrastinated getting today's photo until it was late in the day. However, I couldn't have shot these lighted paths at the Junction in Ogden until dark.

Squid Bus???

In the fall of 2006, I taught English in a northeast Chinese city of 11 million called Tianjin. To assist me in my teaching, I was assigned a translator with whom I spent most of my time during the day. His English name is Jason. Jason frequently referred to the buses in Tianjin as Squid Buses. After inquiring about the reason for the dubious nickname he explained that as a squid (or octopus) flees danger, it will emit a black ink in the water to confuse whatever it is that's chasing it. So it was with the buses in Tianjin. Except the black ink was a horrible cloud of toxic gas.

The SquidBus blog name is merely a catchy, short name for a project I started today, February 23rd. It's a project designed to hurl me from the creative slump in which I find myself. Just like the creative (and somewhat euphemistic) term for the buses in Tianjin, so will be the goal of this one year project, to inspire creativity.

Everyday on this blog, and each month on my website, on the editorial side of, you will see a photo taken every day of the year, starting today. Very simply, A Picture A Day. It should be mostly stuff that takes me out of my comfort zone... with some occasional comfy stuff of family and friends....


2-23-08 - A Pinewood Derby car I made today, not for my cub scout son, but for an adult pinewood derby race where anything goes. Our car took fourth place out of eleven. Not bad for poor aerodynamics. - BN