Monday, September 29, 2008

From the Archives - Chariot Racing Story

This is the team and the horse after a day at the races. To me, this seemed like a whole lot of work involving several people, just for a quick race which probably lasted less than a minute. However to them, this was something they prepare for all year. It was exciting to watch and be a part of this culture of cutter racing that seems to culminate here in Utah. The National Championships AND the World Championships are held here, although most of the teams are from Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and other western states. I covered these races several times since this first story and will hopefully have the chance to follow another team someday.

From the Archives - Chariot Racing Story

The quick minute or so of actual competition.

From the Archives - Chariot Racing Story

This is the main caretaker who is responsible for the horses. I thought this was a nice moment between the two of them.

From the Archives - Chariot Racing Story

Here they are tapping the horses legs for protection.

From the Archives - Chariot Racing Story

Here are five images from my first attempt at a photo story. It's about this team of cutter horse racers who were preparing to compete at the races at the Davis County Fairgrounds. Enjoy.

From the Archives - Utah Jazz at Weber State

Back in the day, the Utah Jazz would play at least one pre-season game at Weber State and the three photogs at the Signpost would usually fight over who got to shoot the game. In this case, I must have abused my photo editor's authority and assigned it to myself. I know, I know, that NEVER happens, and I felt terrible...but anyhooo, here is a photo from that game.

From the Archives - Tennis Courts

This was for a story on a proposed plan to put a bubble over the outdoor tennis courts, or to enclose them in a permanent structure. Because of the unpredictable spring weather, it would give the tennis team a longer season to train, rather than practicing on nets on the hardwood floors of the gym. The tennis courts are still uncovered so apparently, the proposal didn't fly.

From the Archives - Lind Lecture

Weber State used to have this huge pendulum at the Lind Lecture Hall, a science building. Here is a 'wild art' of that pendulum.

From the Archives - More Basketball

Here is another photo of basketball from earlier in the season.

From the Archives - Basketball

Here is one of the first decent sports photos I can remember. This is the year that Weber State went to the NCAA tournament in Tallahassee where they defeated Michigan State and almost beat Georgetown. It was a last second alley-oop thrown by Allen Iverson to another Hoya which ended one of Weber's closest chances to reach the sweet 16. As I was watching this clip on YouTube, I realized how much of a rookie I really was. There was a ton of great images here that I didn't get. The best shot I can remember from this game was the bench as they watched Reuben Nemhard miss the 1 and 1 which would have given Weber the lead, and could have put them up by 2. It was my first time covering a huge game like that and I learned a ton from the experience but I would love to have a second shot at it.

From the Archives - Babies in College

The Signpost was doing a story on students who chose to bring their children to school. I talked about challenges facing parents in college etc. This was an OK photo but I sure wish I had shown some faces.

From the Archives - Busses

I am finding that the longer you go on a "Daily Blog" without posting, the fewer hits you get and the more daunting the task is to catch up. I have been extremely wrapped up in a personal project and haven't taken the time to find a photo a day. So, I am pulling from the archives.

The following posts are from the very first time I started archiving images digitally and come from my time at the Weber State Signpost. This first one was a 'wild art' of a ton of elementary kids visiting the school.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Red Shadow

After a delicious meal at the in-law's, we cruised over to the nearest park and tried to take in a beautiful warm day, since the end to warm days is nearing. I mostly liked this photo because of the shadow and the warm afternoon light.


One of the nieces was baptized today (and by today I am referring to the day this photo was SUPPOSED to be posted) and we went to my brother's house for the usual get-together-and-eat portion of the event. This is one of the nieces who likes to make sure you know she's around.

Steak House (the meat kind)

It seems that every year in the near vicinity of someone's birthday, we head up to Maddox in Perry to stuff our faces silly with all you can eat rolls, cornpones, salad, red meat, white meat, filet mignon top sirloin, new york get the idea. As they were hauling us out of the restaurant on a stretcher to have our stomachs pumped so we could go back for more, I snapped this photo of the sunset. It was very beautiful.

Bikin' at Dusk

This photo I just happened to catch as I was walking through the neighborhood, Oh and they also happen to be my kids on the way to a dinner party/celebration dinner. One of our best friends argued a huge victims advocacy case before the Utah Supreme Court. She amazing.


This is from a recent bridal portrait and I had to wait to post it since she didn't want her future husband to stumble upon this prior to the wedding. I loved this one and was glad to see they used it for their huge photo.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

First Day of Pre-School

Here are two best friends who spend tons of time together. Mostly they play well together but there are occasions when there is some drama. Well, luckily their parents put them in the same pre-school and today (Tuesday) is their first day. They couldn't wait to get out the door and it was tough to get them to sit still for this photo.


This is one from the archives. In China, we often saw public signs that were mistranslated. In the six months we were there, this was by far the most outrageous. I think what they meant to say was, "Aim High."

Hippee in the Making??

I'm not sure what to make of this, my kid swinging a hula hoop, barefoot, with his favorite shirt, a tie dye, and a guitar in the background. The only thing missing is Buffalo Springfield and a field full of mud. -BN

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Weber State Party - Take Two

This is technically the next day so I feel OK about posting another photo from that same Weber State Party. The music was good, the food was free, the hypnotist was hilarious, you could breath your fill from the oxygen bar, and the pay wasn't bad either.

Weber State Party

I covered this Weber State party where they "officially" opened the new Union Building. They had this company come in with all kinds of stuff to do, like this blow up obstacle course for example. It was very well attended and as I was walking out, I heard comments like, "That was a great party! Especially for Weber State." Nice job Weber.

First Day of School

My second oldest child just started school and this was his first day. He was remarkably excited about going and had no trouble jumping on the scooter and heading toward the school. It was a very opposite reaction when we took him to the Kindergarten Camp a couple weeks prior. He went kicking and screaming. The Kindergarten Camp must have served it's purpose, however, since today couldn't have been easier. The only one who choked up a little happens to be close to his 39th brithday. -BN

Let's Go Bowling!!

Shot this photo at the Wildcat Lanes, although I'm not sure they still call it that. Going back there reminded me of that 'A' I got in Bowling class in college. Mmmmm.. those were the days. Can you believe you can actually get college credit for taking a BOWLING class?? Wow. That was a real addition to my transcript.


This is Charles. It's an outtake from a photo shoot I was doing for this long term project I'm working on. More to come on that....