Thursday, July 31, 2008

My First Holga Pics - Part VI

Here is my family (The Monkey was with the sitter) in front of a HUGE store called Da Hu Tong in Tianjin. It's a great place to find great deals and barter like your life depended on it.

My First Holga Pics - Part V

And another one from China. This is a very common scene in China since there is a guard at almost every apartment complex, construction site, parking lot, school or government building.

My First Holga Pics - Part IV

Here is some more of the first roll of Holga photos.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Deseret News Marathon

Here is a photo I shot while running the Deseret News Marathon. It was a work assignment and the slide show can be found here at Tom Smart helped out by providing many of the photos on the show. I can't promise I will offer to shoot photos and record sound for a marathon ever again. We'll see how quickly the amnesia sets in. It hasn't yet and my legs still hurt....

Shorts at Work

I shot this photo for a story on a new fashion trend I could really get used to, wearing shorts to work. This guy is in an actual job interview wearing shorts because of the company's policy. The company is Richter7 here in Salt Lake City and they have a "no pants" policy of wearing only shorts between July 15 and August 15. The story can be found online at this link. They used a couple of my photos and grabbed a bunch of fashion shots from the wire.

My First Holga Pics - Part III

Here is a third from my first roll of Holga photos. This is probably one of my favorites of the roll but I fudged it a little because I liked the repetition of the two merged frames. If you are interested in learning more about these plastic cameras, check out the website,

My First Holga Pics - Part II

Another Holga photo. I think I shot this from a taxi on the outskirts of Tianjin. My first roll, I had the film advance window set wrong and most of the photos overlapped each other, which I think made the photos better. You can see the frame number up at the top of this one.

My First Holga Pics - Part I

While my family and I were in China, I came across a camera store that carried a bunch of plastic novelty cameras like Lomos and Holgas. For you non-photographers, these are cheap cameras made of plastic that produce effects that most camera manufacturers try and avoid, like light leaks and vignetting. I had always wanted one and the following few posts will be from by first couple rolls through the Holga. I shot these photos in China but let them sit until processing them this week. Enjoy. -BN

Saturday, July 26, 2008

National Day of the Cowboy

So the 19th of July this year was the National Day of the American Cowboy. I was hired to get some shots of some long-time Utah cowboys and ranchers at this dinner and then a group shot of them at the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo. I stayed a few minutes after and shot this photo of the team roping event. -BN

Olympian Lindsey Anderson

Leading this pack of runners is former Weber State runner and current Weber State coach, Lindsey Anderson. She will be heading to Beijing to compete in the steeplechase, which is a track and field event. I waited to post this until I had a chance to put together the multimedia slide show which can be found here at

Hot Air Magician - July 17

I went to this talent show at the local church building and my kids did some nice talents. Afterwards, the kids all went outside and watched this magician/juggler and he was pretty entertaining.

UTA's Inglish

I shot this assignment for a trade magazine and the subject of the photo shoot was a UTA MCI bus, and UTA's CEO and President, John Inglish. It was an overcast day and I only had about 15 minutes to shoot before Inglish was whisked away by another driver. This is what I liked but the magazine didn't. I re-shot the buses later on with no clouds in the sky. For this photo, I wanted to take advantage of the cloudy day so I used a very cool color temperature for a white balance and a warming gel on by strobe. -BN

Bike Cop?

As I was driving to the photo staff's favorite Tuesday night dinner spot, Rubio's, we watched as this guy on a bicycle was pulled over by a cop. Not a bike cop, a real cop-in-a-car cop. It was weird. I wonder what they got him for. Speeding? Exhibition Driving? CUI? (Cycling Under the Influence) BN

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Homicide in Ogden

I got a call during church about a homicide in Ogden and went out after some photos. The following day, there was a neighborhood candlelight vigil which drew around 15 people. Here is one of the photos of a slide show presentation at This was the location of one of the murders and a friend of the victim. -BN

Annual Pops Concert and Fireworks

Every year we try and make it to the Annual Pops Concert and Fireworks show at Weber State. It draws an amazing amount of people, like 70,000 and it tooks us about 45 minutes to drive home, going direct that's only 2 miles. -BN

Katie and Corey

Here is Katie and her father Paul as he escorts her toward the aisle. Katie and Corey have been dating for around two years and they looked very happy together. I really like the anticipation on her face in this photo. -BN

Moosehorn II

This year there was more than the usual bazillion mosquitoes in the Uinta Mountains. Luckily, there was ample bug spray but I couldn't believe how many bugs there were this year. Amazing.

Moosehorn I

My extended family has been at Moosehorn Lake on the Mirror Lake highway for the past couple days but I was able to make it Thursday, July 10. Here is one of the favorite pastimes at this yearly family vacation get-away. -BN

Fire in Ogden II

This grabbed my attention because of all the color and reflection in the water. This fire was caused by kids playing with fireworks. -BN

Fire in Ogden

Technically I shot these next two photos on different days. It was another Ogden Fire next to the kayak park near the 24th street overpass. -BN

Product Shoot.

Shot some architectural photos of some cabinets for a friend of mine today. His company is growing rapidly and they do some amazing work. Check them out at They can work you up some very high quality cabinets and for a very good price. -BN

Migrant Child?

I shot some photos of my sisters family after they returned from camping. My sister wanted to show how dirty the kids had gotten. This photo reminds me of a famous Dorthea Lange photo of a poor, migrant mother and her children. The photo is called Migrant mother and you can view it here. This photo is certainly not in the same category and not even close to holding the same meaning. It's just interesting how iconic photos sometimes pop back into your head and influence your own photography. -BN

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hair's Johnny!

For some reason, I can't seem to keep my camera away from shooting guys with cool hair. Maybe it's the lack of good hair in my own reflection. The guy in the middle has appeared on my blog before and I ran into him again with a couple friends. I spend about $12 dollars managing my hair every two years when an electric razor goes bad. I can't imagine these guy's hair spray bill. They must have a sponsor. -BN

P.S. If you have been keeping track, today marks the first time in about a month that I have FINALLY caught up with the calendar on this photo-a-day thing. Woo Hoo!

Flag Ceremony

As mentioned in the previous post, our neighborhood hosts a flag ceremony at the local church. This year, kids brought out cardboard representations of many of the flags that have flown over this country. This one was brought out to represent the flag which was raised over the World Trade Center a few days following September 11, 2001. I remembered the feelings of unity and solidarity we had as a country and wondered why in the space of seven short years, those sentiments have so quickly disappeared.

Kids Parade

Every year, our neighborhood hosts a children's parade and flag ceremony at the local church. Until recently, we haven't really attended since our kids were too young to ride bikes. As we rolled up to the parking lot, it was full of kids and their decorated bikes, so full in fact, that I was amazed that there were no bike on bike collisions. This photo doesn't really show the amount of bike but I really like the clean backdrop. -BN

Summer Swim

My daughter was terrified of jumping off the diving board during her swim lessons but after a brief explanation of how much fun it would be, and after watching all of her fellow swimmers jump, she gave it a whirl. I am very proud of her.

Apartment Art

A row of apartments really caught my eye while riding the train to work. These are in Woods Cross.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Speed Skating 2

This is the US Men's Speed Skating team. In the lead is Apollo Anton Ohno who you may remember from 2002 Winter Olympics fame. I had a lot of fun shooting this assignment since the skaters were very comfortable with the camera and seem to have a great time hanging out with one another. Oh, and they are very serious about their skating. -BN

Speed Skating 1

Here is the US Women's Speed Skating team rounding a corner at the Utah Olympic Oval. I was hired to shoot action shots of them and casual portraits. You can check out a collection of ten photos at

Kids at Home

I really love it when the kids play together, read together and treat each other with respect. I was trying to sleep in after a late night and I heard The Princess reading to the Monkey. I couldn't pass up this photo op. -BN

Ogden Cemetery Clean-Up

I had this assignment to cover the efforts of a group of volunteers, make that an army of volunteers, as they cleaned up and uncovered headstones at the Ogden Cemetery. As I was following them around, I thought I would try and find the headstone of one of my good friends who had died back in 2004. I remembered it was under a tree that sort of stood out and after walking to a couple different trees, I found it.

Scott Dee Estes.

Aside from my dad who often took me running when I was in my teens, Scott did more to inspire me to get out and run than anyone else. Ironically we never actually ran in the same race at the same time. Once we went down to the Moab Half-Marathon but he didn't make it into the lottery, I was injured and only ran the five miler while my wife ran the half marathon, her first. We made plans to run the Other Half in Moab that fall and before the date had arrived, he had passed on. To this day, that is one of the most memorable races I have ever completed. Thanks for the memories Scott, and God bless you. -BN

Ogden Arts Festival

I was asked to participate in the high school photography contest as a judge during the Ogden Arts Festival. Participating with me were lifelong artists Fred Hunger and Steve Stones. I felt more than qualified to judge the photography contest but as these two artists went around to the different sculptures and paintings, they were almost speaking a different language. It was fascinating. I think I was mostly lost when they started citing different styles from different artists whose names I didn't recognize. -BN

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ogden Fire

Here is a photo of the Ogden salvage yard fire that probably saturated your TV screen Thursday and Friday last week. The DNews published a bunch of photos on their gallery. For this photo, I climbed onto a warehouse with the help of a few Fresenius employees. Thanks guys.