Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moosehorn I

My extended family has been at Moosehorn Lake on the Mirror Lake highway for the past couple days but I was able to make it Thursday, July 10. Here is one of the favorite pastimes at this yearly family vacation get-away. -BN


mmm.chocolate said...

First, let me clarify -- the life jacket is not actually done up in the front and fanned out (it was super long and bumping me in the chin, that's why I undid it), thereby making me look like I weigh 1,000 pounds. Second, we were camping, and I was making a goofy face like, "Hey whatever photo you take right now will surely be destroyed." Hence the super unflattering photo . . . But, the kids are cute, right?

Neighbor Lady said...

I was thinking you look great. What fun.