Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ogden Cemetery Clean-Up

I had this assignment to cover the efforts of a group of volunteers, make that an army of volunteers, as they cleaned up and uncovered headstones at the Ogden Cemetery. As I was following them around, I thought I would try and find the headstone of one of my good friends who had died back in 2004. I remembered it was under a tree that sort of stood out and after walking to a couple different trees, I found it.

Scott Dee Estes.

Aside from my dad who often took me running when I was in my teens, Scott did more to inspire me to get out and run than anyone else. Ironically we never actually ran in the same race at the same time. Once we went down to the Moab Half-Marathon but he didn't make it into the lottery, I was injured and only ran the five miler while my wife ran the half marathon, her first. We made plans to run the Other Half in Moab that fall and before the date had arrived, he had passed on. To this day, that is one of the most memorable races I have ever completed. Thanks for the memories Scott, and God bless you. -BN


mmm.chocolate said...

He was very inspirational, and he is very much missed.

Drew said...

speaking of clean up your sensor is dirty. :)