Sunday, June 29, 2008

ZauggFest 2

At age 8, this little dude seemed very well learned on the psychology of the male v. female brains. Here he was talking about how a woman's brain reacts like circuitry and how they are able to process many many things at once. The male brain, on the other hand, is like a warehouse of boxes. When they are thinking, they operate out of one box at a time, if you change subjects, they have to put one box away and get out another one. And like stacking boxes in a warehouse, it's work.

Not sure if his conclusions are accurate, any psychologists out there? -BN

ZauggFest 1

Our good friends the Zauggs are in town and our kids love hanging out, playing at the Treehouse, and taking goofy photos, except that little guy on his stomach. That's a tantrum not a pose. -BN

Crime Spree

A bunch of teenagers decided to rob a golf course and flee the scene with police on their tail, lose control and smash into this house. They didn't get away. -BN

Friday, June 27, 2008

Kids Love Sprinklers

Sprinklers must have a rhythm or make a sound that kids can hear but adults can't. Kinda like the pied piper. And it must say, "C'mon over and run in from of me, I dare you." -BN

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Married in Perry

This may sound a bit fluffy but I really like posting wedding photos. I couldn't count the number of weddings I have been to but it seems like regardless of the mood I am in prior to walking in the door, I always leave uplifted. This was no exception. This bride and groom couldn't be happier. -BN

Wasatch Back Relay

This year was my fourth Wasatch Back Relay and what a party it was. We had a few more setbacks than in previous years with some injured and sick runners but the other team members really stepped up and made the difference. Nice work Amie, Amy and Dani.

If you're a runner, and even if your not, you should really consider running one of these relay races. It's a blast. Here is a shot I got around half way up the old Snowbasin Road. There is also a multimedia slide show at -BN

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fathers Day Tribute?

This year on Father's Day, my dad was in England and I was in Boise. Thus, the reason for the late post, and it could be a long one so put on some comfy slippers and nestle yourself in...

When I was younger, like high school age, all the discount membership warehouses were just coming of age and my dad was on them like flies on bovine. This is him at Costco. His frequent trips to these places made sense since a small army of children lived at our house and those huge bottles of ketchup lasted longer than anything from Albertson's. Well, I would always give him serious grief when he would arrive back at the house with a trailer full of two-gallon-Ranch-dressing bottles, several 'thirty-six' packs of tooth brushes, an outhouse sized shrink-wrapped package of cereal and other various HUGE containers. In those moments, he would very wisely shrug it off and deflect the sarcasm I was pouring on every chance I got.

I know many of you have heard the phrase, "The older I get, the smarter my parents become." I am certain, in those moments when we were asked to unload 12 gallons of milk from the bus, he was thinking, "just you wait."

Now, as I look back on those days with a well-used Costco card in my wallet, the meaning of life at membership warehouses has become much clearer. And I want to thank my dad for seeing the bigger picture, (and I mean BIGGER) and not giving in to my relentless complaining to purchase less ketchup with more money. -BN

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jared's Return II

Here is a photo composite of the driveway the next morning. That holds three cars side by side which is why I had to use three images. -BN

Jared's Return

My brother Jared returned from a mission and as always happens at these kinds of events, my siblings use it as and excuse to shoot goofy photos. It's in their DNA. -BN

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lake Lowell 6/15

Here is a muddy Lake Lowell outside of Nampa, maybe IN Nampa. Like the Faux Cowboy Town, this lake is in the middle of a bunch of circle irrigation, wheel lines, siphon tubes on miles and miles of farms. It was great to run past this lake the day before and even nicer to watch the kids having fun. -BN

Faux Cowboy Town II - 6/14

This is one of the cousins who happened to be standing in good light. -BN

Faux Cowboy Town

While in Boise, we visited this fake cowboy town that this farmer had created in on his property somewhere north east of Nampa. It was pretty interesting and very unexpected. When we entered the property, it just looked like any old farm with a house, some barns, some circle irrigation machines and a few dogs. Then behind this guys house was several little buildings that looked like an old west town. Apparently, he did this to make money buy renting it out to family parties and stuff like that. My wife loved it and so did the kids. Not bad Idaho.

These kids couldn't get enough of the rope/tire swing.

Another Trip - 6/12

Some of you have expressed concern that I haven't been posting once a day for the last few weeks. Sorry about that. It's just that in the past few weeks, we have been away on vacation so it was tougher to make time and find a connection. The next few photos are from a family reunion trip to Boise. Enjoy.

This is from a festival where they had a bunch of VERY expensive rides and this fun house full of mirrors.

Take the Train 6/11

I am a huge advocate of public transportation and since the train started running from my hometown to work, I have tried taking full advantage of it. The DNews just did a story about how the park-n-ride in Layton is always crowded, even though it just opened. Good news for the Frontrunner. -BN

Bowling (June 10)

Took a couple monkeys to the bowling alley and the little guy (age 2) was a bit small. He had a nice time trying to jam the balls back into the hole that returns them to you. It never worked. -BN

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

SLC Downtown (June 9th)

I liked the repetition and the lines in this one. The guy on the right only stood there for a second or two. I have another photo in mind like this so we'll see if I can pull it off in the next few months. -BN

Pappa in Town

My wife's grandpa is in town for a family reunion and I have to say, this is one impressive 80 something-year-old. He maintains two homes, several vehicles, (like 7, with a few motorcycles mixed in) drives all over the country and goes dancing 'till all hours of the night, four nights a week! If I feel one tenth that healthy at 80 something, I'll be a happy man.

Stellar Photo Day (Saturday the 7th)

So you might not think this is that great but if you put yourself in my shoes, you would know why I posted this. I will let you choose between these three options:

One, I shared a pizza with co-workers and could only eat two of the four pieces I paid for. This one was taunting me.

Two, I thought this looked an awful lot like a clock, showing 1:00.

Three, I was kinda desperate.

Four, All of the above.

Bear Lake 3 (Friday)

Marshmallows were a big hit. I would say that about 2% of them were actually cooked properly and eaten.

Bear Lake 2 (Thursday 6/5)

I am really happy that my Ai Ai is so comfortable with the camera that even though this fisheye is a mere inches from his face, he doesn't even react.

Bear Lake 1 (Wednesday 6/4)

We enjoyed a much needed vacation, thanks to some great friends Dipo and Upton. They have a few shares at a sweet cabin on the shores of Bear Lake, within walking distance of LeBeau's. It's great, although since spring hasn't quite let go of winter yet, it was a bit chilly at night. The next few posts are from this trip. -BN

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Goode Ski Lake (Tuesday June 3)

There was a ribbon cutting today and if you know anything about ribbon cuttings, they can be quite boring, non-photographic events. Not so with this one, which I was actually looking forward to attending. This one marks the beginning of the beginning of what will eventually be a very cool water-ski lake within the Ogden City limits. Nice. -BN

Mr. Soccer (Monday)

I had the pleasure of going back to my high school Alma Mater today to shoot some photos of the first ever, Mr. Soccer, Colton Cook. Viewmont did well this year in soccer and Cook deserved this award. There is also a Audio Slide Show at Check it out when you have a minute. -BN

SLC Amateur

Here is your winner of the Salt Lake City Amateur golf championship.-BN

Shark Attack Triathlon (Saturday)

I covered the Shark Attack Triathlon at Crystal Springs and it seemed much more laid back than the other triathlons I have covered. I think I would attribute that to it's location in Honeyville, a quite farm town in northern Utah. It was one of the sports reporters first triathlon and he used it as a means of losing 50 pounds in the last year. Nice work Jody. -BN

Jo Packham - Friday's post

Here is Jo Packham of Ogden, a popular face on 25th Street. -BN