Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fathers Day Tribute?

This year on Father's Day, my dad was in England and I was in Boise. Thus, the reason for the late post, and it could be a long one so put on some comfy slippers and nestle yourself in...

When I was younger, like high school age, all the discount membership warehouses were just coming of age and my dad was on them like flies on bovine. This is him at Costco. His frequent trips to these places made sense since a small army of children lived at our house and those huge bottles of ketchup lasted longer than anything from Albertson's. Well, I would always give him serious grief when he would arrive back at the house with a trailer full of two-gallon-Ranch-dressing bottles, several 'thirty-six' packs of tooth brushes, an outhouse sized shrink-wrapped package of cereal and other various HUGE containers. In those moments, he would very wisely shrug it off and deflect the sarcasm I was pouring on every chance I got.

I know many of you have heard the phrase, "The older I get, the smarter my parents become." I am certain, in those moments when we were asked to unload 12 gallons of milk from the bus, he was thinking, "just you wait."

Now, as I look back on those days with a well-used Costco card in my wallet, the meaning of life at membership warehouses has become much clearer. And I want to thank my dad for seeing the bigger picture, (and I mean BIGGER) and not giving in to my relentless complaining to purchase less ketchup with more money. -BN


Janene said...

what cold cereal? All I remember was tin garbage can oatmeal containers and bulk honey. :o)

Seriously though, he is the best.

Mike Terry said...

I can just imagine what he is saying with that face...."damn kids never appreciating all this bulk economy sized goodness...grmble grmble..."

mmm.chocolate said...

You do have a wise dad. Lucky us.