Monday, September 29, 2008

From the Archives - Basketball

Here is one of the first decent sports photos I can remember. This is the year that Weber State went to the NCAA tournament in Tallahassee where they defeated Michigan State and almost beat Georgetown. It was a last second alley-oop thrown by Allen Iverson to another Hoya which ended one of Weber's closest chances to reach the sweet 16. As I was watching this clip on YouTube, I realized how much of a rookie I really was. There was a ton of great images here that I didn't get. The best shot I can remember from this game was the bench as they watched Reuben Nemhard miss the 1 and 1 which would have given Weber the lead, and could have put them up by 2. It was my first time covering a huge game like that and I learned a ton from the experience but I would love to have a second shot at it.

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Janene said...

nice catch up. I think I like this one best.