Saturday, October 18, 2008

Field Trip to the Farm

I took a field trip today with my daughter to a place in Logan called the American West Heritage Center, also known as the Jensen Farm. It's a living farm where they use mostly all the same type of equipment and techniques they did back around the year 1916. It was a bit of a wake up call thinking about how many things we take advantage of these days.

Before refrigerators, they used to cut ice out of a pond in the winter and store it deep in the ground in the summer to keep it from melting. Every week, like the milk man would do, an ice wagon would drive around and deliver chunks of ice you could use in the ice box. What a huge difference 100 years makes.

Of course, my favorite photo of this event wasn't anything from the farm but the ride up. There were several classes on the trip and this is one of the teachers, Mrs. Benson


mmm.chocolate said...

Love Ms. Benson! Nice shot, but, I'm glad it's not of me trying to figure out my camera ;-).

Can said...

So nice to see new pictures! Of the new bunch, this one ties as my favorite with the one of kid jumping in to Mommy. Thanks for the info about the ice - I didn't know they stored it underground! Interesante!