Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun With Pink Bunny Pajamas


There was a big commotion at the Union Station in Ogden today as I photographed a couple of brave souls dressed in Pink Bunny Pajamas from Aunt Clara's Creations

Lance, Leeann, Sally and Shane were great sports and had fun drinking Mountain Dew, eating Cheetos, bowling, putting up Christmas lights, shooting their eyes out (yep, that's a real Red Ryder BB Gun), and all sorts of cheesyness.

We even had an unexpected model show up in her wedding dress, which I'm sure made her bridal shoot even more memorable. Enjoy!


Drew said...

Wow, those are great!

mmm.chocolate said...

That one where the guy is looking at the bride is just kind of creepy weird.

Can said...

You are AWESOME and always do such great work! Keep it up!

Can said...

So, did you land yourself one of these pink outfits for doing the shoot?!

Holly said...

Those pajamas are absolutely adorable!