Monday, September 21, 2009

BYU v. Florida State

Here are a couple of photos of the BYU v. Florida State game on Saturday. I had several others but these were the favorites of the mix. The bobbled pass was an amazing display of athletics and focus on the part of O'Neill Chambers of BYU. I got about 15 frames of this catch, a couple out of focus between the sharp ones. It seemed like forever until the play was over.

This photo is of Luke Ashworth of BYU who got hit pretty hard by Patrick Robinson of Florida State after hauling in a quick pass in the first half. It looked worse than it was. He was in the air both when he caught the ball, and when he was hit.


Can said...

Incredible shots!

The only thing they don't do for me is make me want to play football. :)

Chen W. said...


Chen Wang said...


Nancy Campbell Allen said...

I love that last one! So cool. Think I'll post it as my laptop background for Mark. He'll be so happy! ;-)