Wednesday, February 17, 2010

¡Bienvenidos El Observador!

Last month I started working as the photographer/photo editor of a new Spanish language newspaper called El Observador, which publishes three days a week. It's been awesome to get back to shooting photos on a more regular basis and also to relearn a language I once felt fairly comfortable with. In four short weeks I have made some great new friends and been involved in some pretty good stories.

Here is our first cover and our first weekend cover. I hope you enjoy picking this up when you see it and I look forward to your input as I try and share photos more often on this blog. - Brian


Steve said...

Muy machismo! All of these photos look great. Congrats.

Amy said...

Looks fabulous!

Amy said...

My favorite part was the party (from Sophie)

Andrew E. Clark said...

Great design!
Photos too!
Nice work.
This just might topple the reign of El Estandar! :)