Friday, March 7, 2008

Mt. Ogden Chute

So today I did something I haven't done before. I skied through a very steep chute at the top of the Wasatch Front, the Mount Ogden Chute. I actually didn't really SKI the chute. I made a few wobbly turns, crashed once and slid, stopped, took some photos, made a couple more turns, crashed again losing my ski which slid into Pineview Reservoir. After crashing, I took more photos since I had stopped... abruptly, carefully made my way down the mountain on one ski, (and no poles), fished my ski out of the dam, made some more wobbly turns, and took a few more photos. By this time, it was no longer a chute but had opened up into a wide choppy snow field. I didn't crash again but I also didn't ski the chute again. To say the least, it was work. And here's the photo of the day. -BN


mmm.chocolate said...

Wow -- no one can ever say again that you haven't suffered for your work.

Janene said...

I think I like the story even better than the picture! (Don't get me wrong, the picture is great...)