Monday, March 31, 2008

Out Like A Lion

I guess Mother Nature didn't get the memo about Spring arriving a week ago and sent this morning's snow storm here, rather than it's rightful owner, Bismark. That said, it did create a beautiful blanket of snow over everything so rather than jogging through it this morning wishing it was warmer, I took a camera and tried to find a nice photo. I know... a camera?....jogging?!? But like I always tell my wife, what if an F-16 crashed in front of me? -BN


Eric said...

Very nice, photoguy. Looks like the "camera jogging" paid off.

Janene said...

If an F-16 crashed in front of you, you'd probably just scream and run (sprint) the other way. (I would)

Crazy photoguy. I like the picture too.