Monday, May 26, 2008

Look Ma, No Training Wheels (Sunday)

As you can see from this photo, my daughter is hopping a bump in the cement while riding her scooter. That's pretty darned amazing. The amazing thing to me about this photo is not the peak action, but a subtle, missing element I didn't have to remove in Photoshop. Instead of keeping you in suspense, its the LACK of training wheels on the bike in the background. All afternoon Saturday, I ran around chasing a very cautious rookie cyclist. I am so proud that she was finally able put away the bicycle crutches. And I kept my integrity by removing that distracting element with a crescent wrench rather than Photoshop. -BN

1 comment:

Janene said...

ok, so I'll stop feeling like I missed something when I see Zach's fellow 4-yr olds cruising around with no training wheels. Way to go, Soph!

ps. pretty sure it would be easier for MOST people to remove training wheels the old fashioned way, but we know you're a photoshop wiz!