Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Toothless in Ogden

It's that time again when one of my kids starts loosing teeth. Which of course means that we, as parents, need to remember to "call" the tooth fairy to make sure there is some cold hard cash waiting under the pillow. I remember once with our first child, we forgot to "call" the tooth fairy (who apparently posesses enough magic to slip some bread under the pillow, but doesn't always know WHEN to come) and you can imagine how that went down. In a moment of panic and tears, we searched and searched until we realized (wink, wink) that the tooth fairy had actually put the prize under the wrong pillow. Whew! My wife's fast thinking helped avoid years of disappointment and expensive therapy. Well don't worry, today we remembered and the fairy is on the way. -BN


mmm.chocolate said...

Okay, I really like the title.

Can said...

Hey - just browsed your Nicholson Photography for the first time in a long time. AWESOME! You do such amazing work!

Our girls actually have a "Utah Tooth Fairy." And you thought you had it bad!