Sunday, April 13, 2008

I got it!!

I covered the match up between the Salt Lake Bees and the Portland Beavers today at Franklin Covey Field and if there is one assignment I really love shooting, it's baseball. Not because it's easy to shoot, not because of the pictures I get. I think it's just something about America's pastime that really attracts me. I didn't play organized baseball as a kid but me and my friends were almost always hitting something with a stick or playing hot box, or an impromptu game of stick ball in the vacant lots near our house. Maybe it's the nostalgia and the memories of a much simpler time in life. For whatever reason, I love shooting baseball. -BN


Can said...

Love how the men are diving and the ladies are flinching!

Oh - and we love baseball too. There's just nothing quite like the laid back feel of a good 'ole baseball game. Go Rangers!

Mike Terry said...

Never gotten one of those, nice nice nice....i love it.

mmm.chocolate said...

Great moment.