Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wednesday Post April 23

I found this in Salt Lake in front of an antiques shop owned by a lady named Carmen. I like the color and graffiti.

On a side note: If you have been following this blog closely, you may notice that yesterday, I failed to post a photo. Well, this is a make up day where you will see two photos. Turns out that posting a photo per day is quite difficult.


mmm.chocolate said...

This is fun to look at. Much better than any cookie photos.

Andrew said...

Brian, Where is this place exactly?
I've been looking for a British Phone Booth for years. Someone told me about this one but they couldn't remember the address. They just knew it at an antique shop on the upper east side of SLC. There are quite a few of those. (shops)

Also, Could you email me that cool Great Wall of China font that you were using for you logo a few months ago?

I liked your old logo much better. But if your wife says you have to use this new one that's just fine.