Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wall of Many Colors

I went to dinner with my brother today and after the dinner, we were walking out looking for photos with a bag of leftover Chinese food. As we were walking around the back of the restaurant where we had parked, a nice young woman approached and asked what kind of food they were serving in the building next to us. "This building is an office but next door has some great Chinese food," we responded, and she shrugged and and continued walking. It didn't seem like she needed food but I offered her our leftovers. "Serious?" she said, as my brother "E" handed her the bag. She seemed grateful and we felt like we had done a small amount of good. This is a photo of her.

It's ironic that just this morning, I was feeling heavily burdened by all my problems and troubles, and wishing I could do more for others. This was nothing to us, and it seemed it wasn't a huge deal to her. But she took the food and for that I am happy. -BN

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mmm.chocolate said...

Well, I don't think I'd take leftovers from a stranger unless I was really hungry, so I think it was a needed service in the world. I love the colors.