Monday, November 17, 2008

BYU Missed Shots

Here are a couple outtakes from the game. This is from the same play in which Austin Collie ran a 61 yard pass into the endzone for a touchdown. I caught the catch and a few steps of the run until I was luckily able to zero in on the ref. I wonder what kind of watch that is.

Collie ran right towards me and I was thinking,"Wow, I can get some sweet reaction photos of him screaming and cheering with teammates." Once again I was even more fortunate to have caught the brand name of Trent Nelson's hat. Don't worry, the next frame has Collie in focus with teammates, just a very UN jubilant reaction.


Fly on the Wall said...

you didn't miss anything in front of me. it was a lousy reaction!

Drew said...

We've all been through this, a few times I was cussing like a sailor cause some college kid with a D40 would jump over the line and hence in my line of sight. lol

Nick@Nite said...

And I think I only shot that on auto pilot as I was making my way around.