Sunday, November 30, 2008

BYU Utah Lesson

The day after covering the BYU Utah game, I made a slight error that I won't soon make again. My error wouldn't have been too costly if it weren't for the help of my three-year-old son.

I was working on a bunch of folders I had downloaded as .zip files and when I opened them, there was the original .zip and the file it contained. Needless to say, there was a bunch of clutter on my desktop. When I dragged everything to the trash, the BYU Utah Folder was also dragged. No big deal, right? the next time I would look for them, I would just drag it back out.

Unfortunately, in my son's zeal to be just like dad, he was messing around with the mouse and in doing so, emptied the trash. Ouch. Over 1700 photos of the biggest game of the year were gonzo.

Luckily, I realized what had happened early on and didn't re-write anything on the computer. I ran a data rescue program which I thought worked pretty well, it seemed I had all my photos back.

While going through them, I found that most of the files that had been recovered were corrupt, leaving me with images like the one you see above. But despite the loss of 1200 photos, most of the images I moved into a "finals" folder were spared. Whew!

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mmm.chocolate said...

So sad . . . glad you were able to recover most of the keepers. But, what will you do with only 700 photos?