Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Ballet

You know, fifteen years ago if you would have asked me to attend a ballet, I would have turned you down cold. No way was I going to a ballet. Those things they wear to dance in made me way too uncomfortable.

Well a lot has changed in the last decade, mainly the fact that I have done a bunch of photos for the Ballet West Academy and Imagine Ballet Theatre. The guys I have worked with at both places have been friendly and respectful and have been very good clients to work with. Now I don't really mind going to the ballet, occasionally, to fill my "culture" quota for the year. I guess it's irony in action.

Not everything has changed, however, some of those outfits they wear still make me feel uncomfortable.

These photos are of Macall, Jennifer and Jessica at Imagine Ballet Theatre following a performance at the Egyptian. We took my daughter and she LOVED it. That certainly made the ballet more enjoyable as well.

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Drew said...

Nice I just did a story on these same girls a while back. I only shot a rehearsal. Looks like you had the time to set up some really nice stuff.