Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bad wreck, Worse commute.

On my way to work this afternoon, I noticed some southbound traffic in front of me slowing down and quickly realized that they were all rubbernecking this wreck in the northbound lanes. Apparently, semi-truck/trailer/semi-truck combination was merging onto I-15 from I-215 and lost control, spilling the contents of the trailer onto the freeway. Not a huge deal, right? Except the contents on the freeway was a 210,000 lb. tank that was 110 feet long, and a huge concrete counter weight larger than my first car. The wreck was confusing at first because I saw this overturned semi-truck in front of the tank, but then there was this other semi in back, and a bunch of huge trailer things upside down with about 20-30 wheels in the air. I found out later that the truck in back was set up to push the load while the truck in front pulled it.

Anyway, I feel truly sorry for any of the five readers of this blog if you were trying to get into Davis County today. I'm sure it took a few days off your life from the stress.

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