Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Strip Camera

After checking out all the work of Bill Frakes and Tom Dahlin on SportsShooter.com, I decided to start designing my own strip camera. I solicited the help of a good friend of mine, an engineer, who figured it would be just as easy to design a digital strip cam as a film version. I still want the film version but he decided to dismantle a flatbed scanner (strip camera principle is basically the same) and use it to "shoot" pictures of ourselves and our kids. Here is the result. Unfortunately, the range of focus is only one to three inches, you need lots of light, and we still need to figure out a way to affix a lens of some kind to shoot actual sports. You can view others from this experiment at my SportsShooter site.

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mmm.chocolate said...

You two are so 12-years-old.