Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fire Number Two

This fire was much bigger and burned a huge hay stack at a dairy farm in Plain City. The cows didn't seem to mind as long as they still got something to eat. CAN will probably like this one since she once had this thing for cows. GO AGGIES!!


Mike Terry said...

If Cows Could Talk

Reporter: How are you dealing with the fire at your home?
Cow: Food good.
Reporter: With rising costs for rice, corn and other food items, will the hay lost in the fire affect your winter?
Cow: Food, mouth, food.
Reporter: At such a tragic time will Obama's choice of VP be a determining factor in your farms attitude while handling this tragedy?
Cow: Food, eat food,

Can said...

It IS a great cow shot! Captures the personality of cows in general and reminds me of the poem I wrote in high school about cows. Thanks for sharing!

BNic said...

Mike, Hilarious!! CAN, care to share that poem?