Sunday, August 3, 2008

Speed Skating 3 - Long Track

Monday the 28th was another day of shooting speed skaters, only this time it was the long trackers. Everything went very smoothly until the very end when the cold temps at the Olympic Oval froze up my batteries and the shutter in my 10D went completely south rendering the camera unusable. Luckily, there was another photographer to shoot the group portraits and everyone was happy. After I loaded the photos onto my lappy and started looking over them, I noticed that the bad shutter hadn't only stopped at the end of the shoot, but in the process of breaking down, left this really cool double exposure on some of my images. If you look closely at this photo, there is a "ghost skater" just above this one. I thought the effect was very cool, too bad you can't flip a switch on and off when you want a double exposure like this. -BN


Neighbor Lady said...

Do you love being a photographer or what?

mmm.chocolate said...

Hmmm . . . maybe we could get rich if you marketed this "switch" as a new invention?