Monday, August 11, 2008

Hike the Ridge

So after being inspired by my sister's recent trip to a place called "Twin Lakes" with her kids, I decided it would be cool for us to take ours hiking. After a long,... and I mean really long, sales pitch to convince them that it would be cool, and not scary, to ride a gondola up the mountain, we climbed aboard the Needles Gondola at Snowbasin. My two boys were not to worried about it but my daughter's fear (which actually kept her and the other kids from walking on the Great Wall of China) sort of got the boys a little nervous, but finally they jumped on it.

At the top, we made a 30 minute hike out of what would normally be a 15 minute hike to the top of the ridge above Ogden. They all hiked the trail up and back which, at times, was a little steep. This nicest part about the experience was that they seemed to feel that sense of accomplishment the rest of the afternoon. It's funny how that sort of accomplishment, no matter how small, tends to keep kids from complaining, fighting, bickering and back-talking, at least for a while. Unfortunately, that doesn't last, and they are back to their usual selves. But that few hours of satisfaction is priceless.

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