Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Utah State Media Day II

As I was editing my take for the Utah State media day slide show, I was really intrigued by this photo. These players are waiting for interviews with the media. I was showing it around to some other photographers and the feelings were mixed, some loved it some didn't. I am posting it here for your perusal. I can't put my finger on why I like it, maybe it's the flatness, maybe it's the effect I got shooting through the glass, maybe the opaque window shade, or perhaps the guy on the right. Not sure. Anyway, I hope you like it.


Kirstan said...

it's an interesting picture---to me they seem out of place in a very modern setting. they are w/o shoes and little worn down looking after a hard day of workout/training.

Great pictures, though. You seem to capture them just right.

mmm.chocolate said...

I think this photo really captures a moment and tells a story. I like it. P.S. Check out my latest post and see if you can figure out the puzzle W/O looking at the comments (Eric already posted the correct answer). Write down all of your final answers before you look. No cheating!

Can said...

How could anyone NOT like it! We're talking about the Utah State Aggies here!


Anonymous said...

For me its because they are all sitting the same way. Thats how i sit when I am uncomfortable. The guy sitting on the right is a good example. This picture just makes me uncomfortable looking at it.

Janene said...

flat is a good word for it. I think it looks very 2D but of course in your head your head can wrap around the 3Dimensionality (a word?) of it.

Hows that for the art historian perspective? :o)

Drew said...

Shot the same image so guess we were on the same page for a bit of the day. btw I got yelled at for not doing multimedia like you. lol. Keep squeezing the trigger.