Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bear Lake II - Day Two

Another great day at the blue lake, although this night, it wasn't so blue, more grey. We watched as some heavy clouds rolled in, it got real cold and the wind picked up. A couple guys started getting wet suits on and I grabbed some long glass, and a life jacket. After shooting photos of these guys jumping the smaller waves near the shore, I took a turn on the wave runner. Out in the middle of the lake there were waves that felt like they were eight feet high, but in reality were maybe four. We were jumping them and maybe getting four to six feet of air, which was quite frightening at first. What a rush! We went in and out toward the center of the lake, taking turns on the wave runners until the storm subsided. I can't remember having that much fun at a lake in a while. Thanks guys.

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sun spot said...

This guy must be totally nuts! This is the kind of person who has a rodent fetish.