Monday, August 11, 2008

Ogden Raptors vs. Helena Brewers

I shot the Ogden Raptors as they hosted the Helena Brewers this fine evening and to repeat myself in a previous post, I love shooting baseball. The problem is that sometimes it's hard to come up with photos that don't duplicate themselves from game to game. Some of the most common photos at a baseball game are, in my experience, either a tight shot of the pitcher or a double play attempt at second base. (tied for third is either a slide at home plate or a pick-off attempt at first base)

Here are two photos from tonight and I can't decide which I like better. I tried to get creative with this pitcher since the sunlight was coming in and lighting just the rim of his top half (if that makes sense). And I am very happy with this double play shot also, which is actually better action than you often see at second base, with his legs up in the air.

What do you like?


Eric said...

I like both shots, but the pitcher shot grabs my attention more. I love how the jersey makes him look totally misshapen.

Steven said...

yeah, the pitcher shot for sure. I love how his face is composed while throwing the ball.

Drew said...

Pitcher shot. As you know I had a similar shot of the same moment on the double play. I lost the ball in mine which makes it mediocre at best for me. Good to see yours with the ball.

mmm.chocolate said...

Once again, my opinion is opposite the photographers' choice. I'd have to say I like the top one best. I mean, in the pitcher picture, I can practically hear a "whoosh," so that's cool. But, I just love the facial expressions in the top pic. Funny.