Thursday, August 14, 2008

Volvo Enthusiast

This is Berk and you might say he is nuts about Volvos. Not that he has Swedish blood in his veins, he just likes the cars. I shot this with a Holga after I had finished shooing other shots for a photo contest on a Volvo related website, at Berk's request.

And speaking of Sweden, there is a paper in Stockholm that will be publishing some photos of mine. Not award winners but that's the furthest away my photos have appeared. At least that I am aware of. Woo Hoo!


Spunky Monkey said...

Hi. Out of the ennui that seems to have settled in my very marrows, I went nextblogging. And how glad am I that I did.
The pictures are beautiful. Many congratulations.

Can said...

Hey! Like the new look on the site! Tell me more about the Sweden deal. How did you get hooked up with that? What kind of story was it?

Mike Terry said...

schweeeet. I love it.